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Looking to establish your business in the Emirates?  Our team of Dubai-based experts provides support for the entire company setup process. Fret less and proceed with our professional aid.

Make the process easy with the help of Dubai's best setup consultants.

Launching a successful enterprise anywhere is always challenging; however, with dependable business setup consultants found in Dubai by your side when setting up shop in the UAE can make all the difference! They have intricate knowledge regarding legal requirements that must be met while establishing your company. Also making available advice on obtaining permissible licenses obtaining sufficient office space for smooth operations amongst other requirements essential for creating an optimal environment where your newly launched venture will thrive!

With their expertise and guidance, you can avoid costly mistakes and ensure that your business is legally compliant and ready for success. So, if you’re planning to start a new company in Dubai, consider hiring the services of a reputable and experienced business setup consultant to help you achieve your goals.

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best business setup consultant in dubai

Starting a company in UAE demands specialized know-how; however, our experienced team possesses precisely that expertise required for navigating such an intricate process proficiently. As one of the leading providers of professional consulting services within UAE’s modern marketplace, let us explore what we can do for your newest venture’s success thoroughly! In consultations with us as your trusted advisor will make all aspects pertaining to company formation streamlined while keeping everything transparent concerning costs involved so nothing feels unclear or vague along the way!

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Who We Are..

Founded in 2012, Bizmen Business Set Up has established itself as a prominent company formation service provider in the UAE. Our range of business-related services caters to small, medium, and large scale companies, making us a go-to solution for all your business needs. Having assisted over 1300 companies and served more than 3000 clients worldwide, we take pride in being the best business setup consultant in Dubai. Trust us to help you with your business setup in Dubai and experience seamless service delivery.


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Govt. Paper Clearance | Document Clearing | Trusted Sponsorship (Local Support)
Dubai Economic Department Services | Virtual Office Spaces
E-commerce License | UAE Golden Visa | Notary Services (Dubai Court)
Tasheel Services | Amer Service | Trademark & ISO
Dubai Chamber & Dubai Custom Services | RTA Services
Civil Defense Approvals | Dubai Municipality Services
Bank Account Opening Assistance | Vat Registration Assistance

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